Kreate Architecture and Design Ltd Succeeds.

Kreate has managed to achieve an excellent level of success during our initial years.  Our works have been published in Award Magazine and WoodWorks for the excellence in design, construction and project delivery.  Project submissions for recognition have been accepted nationally and internationally on multiple levels of competiton.  


This year our Kreate Team was awarded the Premier's Award of Excellence in Design 2017 for the Piapot First Nation Arbour enclosure.

Our firm was awarded the Residential Selection Award by the Canadian Wood Council for the excellent design strategy achieved on the pisokamik Elders Lodge, Silver Sage Holdings Ltd, Regina, Saskatchewan.  This design solution, integrating First Nations concepts, creates a unique environment for the housing facililty to promote interaction and provide opportunities for cultural events.

Design submissions have been successfully received for international competitions in London, England, as well as the Ukraine.  Further information on these submissions will soon be published as a component of our portfolio for completed works.

Our dedicated team continues to challenge themselves for design solutions that excell within the environment, responsive to client's needs and serving the greater needs of the community.

We firmly believe that in order for a building to be sustainable, it must be loved; it must touch the soul. People—not just the current owners, but future generations—must find enough value in a building to continue to occupy and maintain it. Some of this is aesthetic, some performance, and some economics. The Roman architect Vitruvius told us that buildings must have "Firmness, Commodity and Delight". True today more than ever.David Arkin

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