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Kreate Architecture and Design Ltd has compiled a diverse portfolio through our history of practice.

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Please bear with us as we redevelop our site with new content.  It's been almost twelve years of continued success so we have lots more information to share.

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Kreate News

Kreate Architecture and Design Ltd. is maintaining our practice through these difficult times.

Remote Workstations  have been established for our personnel, enabling the office to continue on our duties while maintaining safe distance protocols

Our staff have restricted their access to site assessments and inspections. Meetings and project reviews are being conducted online through various enterprises, allowing us to stay in touch and stay connected.

We are committed to the health and safety of our staff, and doing our part to stem the tide of the current virus. We hope all persons are staying safe and healthy, and will continue to work to the benefits of our community as a whole.



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Our Ongoing Approach to the Professional Practice:

Our philosophy focuses on design excellence, achieving clear solutions by breaking the problems down into manageable components and providing the highest level of client service and project delivery.
Our staff includes registered architects, architectural building technologists, design associates and administration managers who combine their talents to provide exceptional solutions and service for every project.
We value the relationships we've built with clients and engineering firms, holding their participation in project procurement and delivery in high regard.

A Lean Approach
Implementation of LEAN attributes form the cornerstone of our design analysis.  The LEAN methodology is an excellent process through which the client's needs and desires can be ascertained along with the foundations for the design.

The consulting team is ultimately responsible to engage with the client and produce the design solution.  The collaborative effort is drawn through the lean process to provide the necessary information for use in generating the design solution.

Market Based Management Style
Kreate supports a market-based management approach to the overall organization of the firm.  The approach focuses on staff member contributions to the growth and success of all facets within the organization

Green / Environmental Initiative
We believe that it is possible to provide affordable, high-performance solutions that encourages local engagement and enhances the quality of the surrounding area. Responsible, sustainable design choices are fundamental to our design practice and present a core component of all decision making processes.

As members of the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC), and with LEED certification, we continually research projects and products, the methods of construction and use, and design strategies to maximize positive impacts to our environment and achieve a sensitive balance with our surroundings.

We strive to implement sustainable practices in a rational fashion to maximize performance returns. Such practices include selecting materials with recycled content, considering long-term construction waste management by choosing post-use recyclable materials, and optimizing sun exposure and day-lighting opportunities to reduce energy consumption and enhance finished environments.

Corporate Ideology
We believe that the professional education continues throughout one's career.

Our staff have a commitment towards sharing knowledge and information gained at each seminar.  Through the application of in-house "lunch-and-learns", we conduct seminars on the latest information, materials and techniques related to design and construction.

We participate with Construction Associations across Canada in development and implementation of Interpreting Construction Documents.  This intensive course is geared towards education of trades, site personnel and project managers related to the document production practices and purpose.

Our staff are constantly engaged in continuing education as well as teaching and professional development through seminars.  Training, travel and sharing of experiences between the staff members all contribute to the skills and knowledge base of our firm.

Theory is as much personal expression as it is professional development. It is the culmination of experience, education and effort that allows an architect to formulate their true theory of successful architectural design.Unknown

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