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Design Beyond Buildings

Kreate Architecture and Design Ltd. specializes in more than building architecture.  We explore design opportunities by expanding our expertise and skill sets into wayfinding, visual identity and architectural sculptures.  We are well versed and experienced in developing solutions for social interaction.

The Regina Downtown Business Improvement District and the City of Regina engaged with Kreate Architecture and Design Ltd to develop a unique visual identity for the Downtown Regina public realm infrastructure. The solutions proposed reinforce the identity of Regina's Downtown as a cohesive, active neighbourhood for all the residents of Regina.  Kreate engaged Bradbury Design to assist in logo and identity development related to the overall scheme.

Scope of work included:

  • Downtown development report assessment
  • Downtown district site analysis related to existing fitments, proposed deployment and fabrication materials.
  • Identity and branding design development for public recognition, wayfinding and consistency within the region.
  • Design of structural components (signage, benches, fitments, accessories) for deployment as a part of the overall branding development.
  • Coordination of fabrication and finishing of selected components.

Installation of test pieces is pending final delivery – anticipated delivery is November 2015.

Building upon the recent official adoption of the Regina Downtown Neighbourhood Plan, this project demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the revitalization and intensification of this centrally important neighbourhood.

The design results of the project present a proposed suite of fitments and deployment guidelines that will help transform the public right-of-way into a user-friendly, safe, and pleasant experience for everyone.

The recent completion of the City Square Plaza provides the Regina Downtown with a central hub for community and activity. This project looks to build upon and extend those qualities of community and engagement throughout the downtown district with the deployment of public infrastructure elements such as benches, wayfinding, and trash and recycling receptacles. The intent is to provide amenities that define and enhance people's experiences downtown and reinforce the neighbourhood's identity as a place to live, work, and play.


Kreate was commissioned to provide design and engineering services for construction of new site frames for art pieces supplied by the Regina Tornado Legacy Group to be located at designated locations throughout the Downtown and Warehouse neighbourhoods.

Scope of work included:

  • Conceptual Design for frame structure and aesthetics.
  • Design Development related to final approved concept including materials, fitments and specialty details.
  • Conceptual Budget, staging procedures and project scheduling.

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